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Debt consolidation

We will seek to understand your situation in-depth including who and how much you owe.

Plan a roadmap

We will analyse the total debts owed and work with you to plan a roadmap towards being debt-free.

Get expert advise

We will advise you on available options for short-term and long-term solutions.

Debt Advisory

At Debt Aid, we provide a free 1-to-1 personalised advisory that fits your unique case so you can have an overview of your available options.

We understand the urgency of your case which is why we typically respond within a couple of hours upon receiving your contact submission.


Debt Repayment Scheme

We will help to map out your available options. We help you understand the processes involved end-to-end so you can fully make an informed decision about how to resolve your debt problems.

Debt Solutions

No financial problem is the same for everyone. We provide solutions that suit your case personally. All our consultants are trained to provide the best way forward for you.

The more you delay, the higher the outstanding amount that will be due. The late interest fees and other penalties will continue to accumulate. Put a stop to rising debt today so you can enjoy your tomorrows.


Compose your own sleep sounds

Composer allows you to layer multiple sounds together to create your own customized background noise.

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Singapore 179094

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Monday & Friday
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415 509 6995

Frequently Asked Questions

Trusted by over 100+ clients in Singapore

How can Debt Aid assist?

We provide a 1-1 Personalised Private Consultation where we explore different types of debt settlement options for individuals. We assist to consolidate all unsecured owing and provide a feasible repayment plan over a fixed period of time, depending on individuals' income, expenditure and debt size.

How much is your Consultation?

All Consultations are conducted in our Office and it is at No Charge, however a charge of $30.00 applies should you need our Consultant to meet you at place of your choice.

Can I walk-in for an appointment?

We highly recommend a registration prior to an appointment so that we can minimise contact in our office to protect all of your identities.

Will Debt Aid be informing my family members or workplace about my situation?

All information are strictly confidential and abide by PDPA hence no one will know.

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